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Lebanese Traditional Maza -
An array of twenty different mouth watering dishes appetizingly served in the best specialty restaurants of Lebanon. Recommended for parties of 2.
42.95Lebanese Traditional Maza
Hummus B'tahini -
Mashed chickpeas and sesame paste with garlic & lemon (dip for bread)
5.50Hummus B'tahini
Babaganouj -
Mashed eggplant and sesame paste with garlic & lemon (dip for bread)
Foul Mudammas -
Fava beans with garlic, lemon and parsley
5.00Foul Mudammas
Falafel -
Fried spiced vegetable ball, served with tahini sauce
Lebni -
Yogurt spread with olive oil.
Jibni Wa Zeitun -
Cheese and olives
5.25Jibni Wa Zeitun
Spinach Pie -
Stuffed with spinach, onions and pomegranate nectar
7.50Spinach Pie
Tripoli Maza -
Combination appetizer plate consisting of hummus, babaganouj, cheese, olives & falafel
10.75Tripoli Maza
Special Lebanese Kibbee Nayeh (Raw Kibbee) -
Lean finely grounded leg of lamb mixed with cracked wheat, onions and special Lebanese spices. Served raw. (Large) 18.50 (Medium) 14.75 (Small) 11.50
18.50Special Lebanese Kibbee Nayeh (Raw Kibbee)
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Lentil Soup -
Yellow lentil with onions
4.25Lentil Soup
Yogurt Soup -
Made with garlic and cilantro (served hot)
4.75Yogurt Soup
Khiar B'leban -
Yogurt and cucumber salad with garlic and mint
4.75Khiar B'leban
Tabouli -
Special Lebanese salad made with chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions & cracked wheat
Vegetable Salad -
Mixed spring greens, lettuce and tomato.
4.00Vegetable Salad
Fatoush -
Mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, parsley, toasted pita bread & pomegranate nectar
Grilled Chicken Fatoush -
Grilled boneless chicken on top of fatoush salad, made with lettuce, tomato, parsley, toasted pita bread & pomegranate nectar
10.50Grilled Chicken Fatoush
Special Greek Salad -
Mixed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, walnuts, olives, feta cheese, spices, oil and vinegar
6.50Special Greek Salad
Special Greek Salad with Chicken -
Mixed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, walnuts, olives, feta cheese, spices, oil and vinegar topped with sliced grilled chicken
10.50Special Greek Salad with Chicken
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Shish Kabob -
Charcoal broiled lamb & vegetables on skewer, served with rice & salad
14.50Shish Kabob
Kifta Mishwiye -
Charcoal broiled ground leg of lamb mixed with vegetables & spices, served with rice & hummus
13.75Kifta Mishwiye
Shish Kabob & Kifta Mishwiye Combination -
Served with rice & salad
14.75Shish Kabob & Kifta Mishwiye Combination
Mixed Grill -
Shish Kebob, Kifta Mishwiye & Shish Taouk. Served with rice and salad.
15.25Mixed Grill
Ma'ani -
Tripoli lamb sausage made with pine nuts and special spices. Served with fried potatoes and salad.
Kibbee Mishwiye -
Lean finely ground leg of lamb mixed with cracked wheat and stuffed with nuts, onion & broiled meat. Served with salad.
12.75Kibbee Mishwiye
Kibbee B'siniye -
Pressed Kibbee, baked. Served with salad.
12.00Kibbee B'siniye
Shish Barak -
Small Lebanese meat pie-dumplings, cooked and served in a yogurt sauce made with garlic & cilantro. Served with rice.
16.00Shish Barak
Ajhi -
Lebanese omelet made with fresh herbs, onions, pine nuts and ground lamb. Served with salad.
Minazli -
Sauteed eggplant cooked in a tomato sauce, and topped with ground lamb & pine nuts. Served with rice.
Bamia -
Fresh okra cooked with lamb chunks in a tomato sauce made with pomegranate nectar. Served with rice.
Wara'anib -
Grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb and rice.
Malfouf -
Cabbage stuffed with ground lamb, cumin, rice and pomegranate nectar.
Coussa B'leban -
Fresh squash stuffed with ground lamb, rice and pine nuts in a yogurt sauce cooked with mint.
13.75Coussa B'leban
Sbanegh -
Sauteed spinach, ground lamb and pine nuts served with rice and yogurt.
Fassoulia -
Dried white beans cooked in a tomato sauce with garlic, onion and lamb chunks served with rice.
Sheik al M'ehshi -
Sauteed eggplant cooked with yogurt, garlic and mint, topped with ground lamb and pine nuts, served with rice.
13.75Sheik al M'ehshi
Yachneh B'leban -
Stew of lamb chunks cooked in yogurt, served with rice.
14.50Yachneh B'leban
Cous-Cous -
Served with a variety of vegetables, lamb, beef & chicken stewed in a tomato sauce.
Curry -
Choice of beef or lamb curry served with rice.
Chopped Steak -
Grilled chopped sirloin, served with fried potatoes and salad.
15.50Chopped Steak
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Shish Taouk -
Grilled boneless chicken marinated in a special Lebanese garlic sauce, served with rice and salad.
14.50Shish Taouk
Chicken Curry -
Served with rice.
13.00Chicken Curry
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Bamia B'ziat -
Fresh okra cooked in a tomato sauce made with garlic and onions, served with rice.
11.00Bamia B'ziat
Mjudra (Cracked Wheat) -
Lentils cooked with cracked wheat and onions, served with fatoush (mixed salad with pomegranate nectar)
11.75Mjudra (Cracked Wheat)
Wara'anib B'ziat -
Grape leaves stuffed with vegetables (served cold)
11.75Wara'anib B'ziat
Eggplant Stew -
Eggplant stewed with potatoes and onions, in tomato sauce, served with rice
10.75Eggplant Stew
Ajhi B'ziat -
Lebanese omelet made with fresh herbs, onions and spices, served with salad
9.50Ajhi B'ziat
Mjudra B'riz -
Lentils cooked with rice & onions, served with Khiar B'leban (yogurt and cumcumber salad)
11.75Mjudra B'riz
Seleck B'loubia (vegetarian favorite) -
Celery and black eye beans sauteed with a mixture of onion, garlic and fresh coriander. Served with salad.
10.50Seleck B'loubia (vegetarian favorite)
Kibee B'ziat -
Pressed potatoes and cracked wheat stuffed with onions, walnuts and raisins. Served with salad.
11.00Kibee B'ziat
Batata B'tahini -
Sauteed cauliflower, potato and garlic in a tahini sauce. Served with rice.
11.75Batata B'tahini
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Sumki Hara -
Sauteed fish filet cooked in a spicy sauce made with chopped almonds and walnuts. Served with rice.
15.75Sumki Hara
Sumuk B'tahini -
Sauteed fish filet cooked in a tahini sauce made with chopped almonds and walnuts. Served with rice.
16.00Sumuk B'tahini
Tripoli Shrimp -
Shrimp sauteed in provencale sauce, prepared with garlic, cilantro and butter. Served with rice and salad.
16.75Tripoli Shrimp
Shrimp Curry -
Served with rice.
16.50Shrimp Curry
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Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Gingerale or Seltzer -
Mango, Guava, or Cranberry Juice -
Airan Yogurt Drink -
Lebanese Coffee -
American Coffee -
Tea -
Herb Tea -
Milk -
Iced Tea -
We have a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) policy for alcohol
Fresh Squeezed Orange, Lemonade, Apple or Carrot Juice -
Fresh Squeezed Carrot & Beet Juice -
Fresh Squeezed Pineapple Juice -
We proudly serve water from a 4-stage filter -
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Baklawa -
Layered filo dough stuffed with walnuts
Wahel al Janneh (Milk Pudding) -
Made with rose water, topped with nuts and honey.
3.50Wahel al Janneh (Milk Pudding)
Riz B'halib (Rice Pudding) -
Made with rose water topped with pistachios and cinnamon.
4.50Riz B'halib (Rice Pudding)
Lady Finger -
Rolled filo dough stuffed with walnuts.
2.50Lady Finger
Bird's Nest -
Filo dough stuffed with walnuts and pistachios.
3.50Bird's Nest
Special Dessert -
Please ask your waiter about the special dessert.
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