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156 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY

(718) 596-5800

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The Gist : fantastic, friendly, authentic, awesome

  • Its a fantastic place. Highly recomend it.

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    1. I've eaten here many times, and over the years I have never had a bad meal! Even had my baby shower here in the private room downstairs which is very nice. The murals on the walls and the high ceiling are also a nice touch. It feels almost like you're in a renaissance era cathedral!

      I am Lebanese, and grew up in Lebanon with this food, and can be picky when it comes to good Lebanese food. I just have to say that this is the best authentic Lebanese food I've ever had. Whenever I take a trip to Lebanon, I can't really find food as good as it is here. I don't know if the restaurants just got worse in Lebanon, or if Tripoli Restaurant just spoiled me with the awesome dishes. I remember this one time when I was at a restaurant in Lebanon, I was so disappointed with the food that I told them they should send their chef to New York to get some training from Tripoli Restaurant, maybe then they could get their act together.

      My favorites are the parsley salad Tabouli, fatoush salad, stuffed grape leaves (try the ones stuffed with lamb and rice, mmmnnn, reminds me of my mom's cooking) and the mixed grill. I love that the food is always so fresh and tasty! The staff is always so friendly and attentive, and I often find myself reminiscing about Lebanon with the owner, who isn't always there, but is very friendly, and usually gives us dessert or something on the house. I would also recommend the stuffed squash in yogurt sauce (coussa b'leban), and the spicy fish, it is just sooooo good! Another recommendation that is good for a late breakfast/early lunch, the Ajhi omelet. It's an egg omelet made with special herbs and spices, yummy. They also have some of the best Lebanese olive oil which they sell, it's their own line they manufacture it overseas.

      If you're looking for the best Lebanese food, I would definitely recommend you come try this place. I know I will keep coming back as long as I am living in New York!

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